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SlateSkin Sheet Roof Tile

SlateSkin Sheet Roof Tile

The GRP sheet roof tile system that gives a traditional slate-effective in half the time.

Available in 2m, 4m and 6m lengths. 640mm Deep (seen face 580mm)

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Install Instructions PDF.. CLICK HERE (read from page 19)


Get the job finished faster:

SlateSkin is specially designed to help you stay ahead of
schedule when you’re up on the roof. With multiple tile courses
built in to each sheet, the system reduces the time and hassle
spent positioning and nailing tiles with no compromise on
build quality or aesthetics. It also helps you make light work
of roofing with loads less carrying and handling required.
So it doesn’t just look good for your customer. It’s also
an extremely attractive prospect for busy installers.
SlateSkin is available as part of an Equinox tiled
roof solution, or as a stand alone product.

Realistic slate-effect finish:

SlateSkin uses the same attractive finish as composite slate
tiles. To the untrained eye, it’s difficult to tell the difference
between this slate-effect product and traditional slate, helping
your new roof complement even the most traditional property.

Colour-matched screws:

Your system will be supplied with all necessary
screws with colour-matched heads for a
co-ordinated finish in less time.

Long-lasting performance:

SlateSkin comes with a 25-year guarantee so
you can be sure that once installed, it won’t
let you or your customers down.

Widest range of pitches:

Lightweight construction allows you to set the roof pitch
anywhere from just 5˚* to 35˚. SlateSkin is the only tile system
tested to achieve 5˚ pitch and perfect for lean-to projects,
giving you the edge over installers who use conventional
roofing when you’re quoting on lean-to designs.

* 5˚ pitch available using SlateSkin only. 10˚ pitch available using alternative tiles.
** Maximum SlateSkin single facet size is 6 metres.

Hassle-free installation:

Give us your dimensions when when you order your
Equinox roof and we’ll do the rest. Using state-of-the-art
equipment and the same precision measurements used in
the manufacture of our market leading PVC-U systems, our
engineers will create all the components you need including
the tile sheets, hip end caps and ridge and hip top caps.
When ordering with an Equinox roof, we’ll even pre-cut and
colour code for fast identification on-site. All you need to do
is quickly and easily assemble the pieces in-situ to create a
beautiful, slate effect roof that’s fully water resistant, superbly
strong and highly durable.

No condensation:

Because there are fewer gaps than separate tiles, SlateSkin
is water resistant and prevents moisture getting into the roof
space. And, if ordered with an Equinox roof, our experts
use precision cutting to ensure that each component
fits together seamlessly to further increase the roof’s
weatherproofing qualities.

No compromise on build quality:

You can call on the benefits of SlateSkin for projects of various
sizes, making it as versatile and flexible as composite slate and
even clay or concrete roof tiles.

If the conservatory roof is a non-standard Edwardian or 3 bay
Victorian, then the 3 or 5 way top cap will need modifying and
hip caps may need to be scribed together to create a water
tight crown point. This can be complex and time consuming.

AA fire-performance for peace of mind:

SlateSkin, when fitted to an Equinox tiled roof, comes with the
added reassurance of excellent fire resistance meaning you can
install it in virtually any location. The combined system achieved
a rating of EXT.S.AA when tested to BS476 Part 3:2004,
External Fire Exposure Roof Test*.

*No flame spread occurred therefore the product will be classified as ‘A’.
No flaming penetration occurred therefore the product will be classified as ‘A’.



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