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Twin Draft Guard  - Door Draft Stopper

Twin Draft Guard - Door Draft Stopper

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The Twin Door Draft Guard instantly stops air leaks that cause chills, waste energy and cost money - just slip the Twin Draft Guard under drafty doors and windows. Winter or summer, its double-sided design stays on when doors open and saves up to 15% of energy costs in rooms where it's used.

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The Twin Draft Guard glides smoothly on all floors: Carpet, Wood, Tile, and Linoleum.

Twin Draft Guard Features:
  • Saves up to 15% percent on heating and utility bills
  • Insulates both sides of doors giving protection from drafts
  • Moves with the door and fits up to 36-inch wide
  • Glides smoothly on all floors: Carpet, Wood, Tile, and Linoleum
  • Keep cold air out and warn air in
  • Machine Washable
Twin Draft Guard Description:

The Twin Door Draft Guard insulating device is an easy to install dual draft stopper that protects both sides of doors making it much more superior to traditional draft stoppers in conserving energy thus reducing home heating and air conditioning bills. Save up to 15% on your heating bills with this economical patented device by insulating front, back, basement, and doors leading to the garage, bulkhead, or unoccupied rooms. Quick and easy to install device slides under door and protects both sides with high density insulating foam. Moves with the door - no positioning needed - works while you are out. Helps keep out drafts, dust, insects, odours, and noise. Use on both interior and exterior doors. Easily slides over carpet or hard surface flooring. Outer cover is machine washable. The Dual Draft Guard fits doors up to 36-Inch wide.

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