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Ceresit 7T Silicone

Ceresit 7T Silicone

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Clear, white, brown, and light oak.

The Ceresit 7T is a single component, neutral-curing, ready-to-use silicone elastomer suitable for weather-sealing and bonding seals in construction applications. It crosslinks at room temperature to give a flexible seal of medium modulus elasticity. The Ceresit 7T can withstand movement of 25% in constant service throughout a wide temperature range.

The Ceresit 7T combines the advantages of primerless adhesion and neutrality and can be used on numerous substrates, such as: glass, coated glass, anodised or as-cast aluminium, steel, stainless stell, rigid PVC, concrete and other porous substrates. Once crossed-linked, the Ceresit 7T is highly resistant and is not affected by exposure to sunlight, rain, snow and ozone and maintains this resistance over many years.

The Ceresit 7T is suitable for weather-sealing and bonding seals for construction and glazing applications, such as: Curtain walls, facade panels, metallic and PVC joinery

  • Bonding mirrors and glazing window joints on aluminium, wood, PVC, etc.
  • It may be used as an alternative to the RHODORSIL 5C when a translucent product is required.

1. Before curing

  • Type of sealant: oxime
  • Specific gravity (non cured), approx: 1.0
  • Flow resistance (EN 27390), mm, approx: 0
  • Extrudability g/min, approx: 80
  • (standard NMRPS 495A 3mm/3 bars)
  • Viscosity (strain 3000 N/m2, 20°C), Pa.s, approx: 100

2. Curing

  • Skin formation time*, min. approx: 10
  • Tack-free time*. min. approx: 30
  • Curing rate*:
  • mm/1st day, approx: 3
  • mm/3 day, approx: 5
  • mm/7 days, approx: 10

3. After curing

  • Application temperatures, °C: +5 to + 40
  • Shore A hardness (ISO 868), approx: 17
  • Elastic recovery (EN 27389), %, approx: 95
  • Joint movement capability, %: 25
  • Operating temperatures, °C: - 50 to + 150
  • Mechanical properties on a 2mm thick film (NF T 46002)
  • Modulus at 100% elongation, MPa, approx: 0.40
  • Tensile strength, MPa, approx: 1.5
  • Elongation at break, % approx: 560
  • Mechanical properties on slabs (EN 28339)
  • Modulus at 100% elongation, MPa, approx: 0.30
  • Tensile strength, MPa, approx: 0.5<
  • Elongation at break, %, approx: 300

* at a temperature of 23°C and for relative humidity of 50%

The Ceresit 7T has been awarded the following SNJF approval certificates:

  • Grade 1 elastomer, primerless on anodised aluminium and concrete.
  • Elastic filling seal, primerless on glass and anodised aluminium (use in accordance with DTU 39).

The Ceresit 7T is also in conformity with:

  • ISO 11600 - F&G - 2 5 L M glass, aluminium, mortar (primerless).
  • BS 5889 (1989) Type A.
  • DIN 18540F.


Surface preparation:
All surfaces must be clean and dry, and free from any dust or any traces of contaminants which may affect adhesion.

To degrease, wipe with a pad soaked in solvent then with a clean cloth. Dust should be removed using oil-free compressed air.

The RHODORSIL 7T does not require a primer on most common substrates, except in the case of immersion, mainly with porous substrates. Please consult us for more information.

The primer should preferably be applied using a soft hair paint brush; in the case of particularly porous substrates,a second coat may be applied after the first one has dried.

Joint dimensions:-They must take into account the joint movement in addition to local regulations. In order to allow the sealant to operate under the best possible conditions, the minimum cross-section of the seal should be 5 x 5mm; for seals wider than 12mm, the thickness will generally be determined as being half this width.

Consumption per 310 ml cartridge of sealant for the following seal dimensions are given below for information purposes only:

  • 12 meters of 5 x 5mm seals.
  • 5 meters of 8 x 8mm seals.
  • 2.5 meters of 15 x 8mm seals.
  • 1.5 meter of 20 x 10mm seals.
Applying the sealant:-
Once a seal backing material has been put in place (closed-cell polyethylene foam with surface skin or open cell polyurethane foam), the sealant should be applied ensuring that the seal is completely filled. Tool the seal to ensure good contact between the sealant and the bonding surfaces. This should be carried out using a dry spatula before the surface skin is formed. Areas soiled with fresh sealant may be cleaned with a dry pad or a pad soaked in a solvent (compatible with the substrate). Any cured sealant can be removed by scraping (e.g. using a razor blade), or by using a special silicone remover product.

Limits of use:-
The Ceresit 7T must not be used in contact with materials which may exude certain of their components over time or with copper based metallic substrates. In the case of bonding mirrors, it is necessary to carry out prior representative tests to ensure compatibility with the mirror silvering. It is not recommended for use when there is any risk of abrasion. The Ceresit 7T must not be used in the manufacture of aquariums or in sealing swimming pools. For any immersed type application, please consult us.

The Ceresit 7T must not be used for applications in contact with food products. The Ceresit 7T seals must not be painted (poor covering and adhesion of the paint). In the event of its application on alkyd paints (glycerophthalic), slight yellowing of the paint may appear where in contact with the seal. The Ceresit 7T presents a risk of yellowing in low UV light situations.

Storage and shelf life:-
The Ceresit 7T has a shelf life of 18 months, guaranteed by Rhodia Silicones from its date of manufacture (the expiry date is shown on the packaging), when stored at a temperature between –20°C to +30°C in its original unopened packaging.

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