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MACO 7-in-1 Multi Tool Blue Handle

MACO 7-in-1 Multi Tool Blue Handle

  • Maco
  • M 71 1709
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MACO 7-in-1 Multi Tool Blue Handle.

Blue handle multi tool by Maco with no less than 7 different tools which are all fitted in the same handy handle. This 7-in-1 multi tool contains a 9mm nut head spanner, oval cam head spanner, 4mm allen key, built in handle spindle, bottle opener, hook end catch and a T15 Torx head star key spanner.

    Spindle built into the handle
    4mm Allen key
    7 tools in 1
    Head star key spanner (T15 Torx)
    9mm nut heads spanner
    Oval cam head spanner

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