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Maco Trend Tilt and Turn Drive Gear Lock Mechanism

Maco Trend Tilt and Turn Drive Gear Lock Mechanism

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This replacement Maco Trend Tilt and Turn Drive Gear Window/Door Lock Mechanism replaces the old-style yellow coloured Maco drive gear mechanism on tilt and turn uPVC windows, and tilt and slide doors. It is also an easy replacement part for all types of tilt and turn window/door gearing with a similar drive gear.

This Maco Trend tilt and turn gearbox/mechanism is available in a 15mm backset and in various different sizes. To identify the correct tilt and turn gearbox size you require, you will need to take note of the markings stamped on the tilt and turn gearbox mechanism you are replacing.


500mm - 650mm (NO LOCKING CAM)

601mm - 900mm (NO LOCKING CAM)


751mm - 900mm (NO LOCKING CAM)

GR-3901mm - 1300mm (1 X LOCKING CAM)
GR-41301mm - 1800mm (1 X LOCKING CAM)
GR-51801mm - 2350mm (2 X LOCKING CAM)

Maco Trend Tilt and Turn Drive Gear Window/Door Lock Mechanism
PLEASE NOTE: When ordering, please make sure you select the correct size to suit your requirements: - measure the rebate height of the window/door and choose the drivegear mechanism that suits your measurements. For example, if your rebate height measures 908mm, then choose GR3 as this will accomodate your size. **If you are still unsure which drive gear size to order, please email us at: sales@dgpruk.com with the cropped/overall length of the drive gear and we will advise you.**

Various different types/makes of tilt and turn gearing (full kits and parts) are also available to order - please email us at: sales@dgpruk.com should you wish to enquire further.

The Maco tilt and turn window kit comprises of the Maco drive gear mechanism, which the tilt and turn handle operates. The main part of the Maco tilt and turn kit is the gearbox/mechanism which operates all the other components of the Maco tilt and turn kit, such as the top and bottom drive corners. The top corner engages in a locking keep (also known as a striker) at the top/side of the window, and the bottom corner engages in the bottom/side keep as well as the tilt keep/stricker at the bottom of the window. The drive gear mechanism also operates the scissor stay mechanism, which in turn operates the tilt action and the backbolt mechanism, which locks into the keep/striker on the hinge side of the tilt and turn window. The Ma tilt and turn bottom extension piece is also required when the tilt and turn is over 1000mm in width.

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