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Siegenia TITAN AF Face Fixed Tilt & Turn Gearing

Siegenia TITAN AF Face Fixed Tilt & Turn Gearing

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Siegenia TITAN AF Face Fixed Tilt & Turn Gearing Full Kit


Hinge options: 12/20/13 - 12/18/9 - 12/20/9

Drive gear options: 15mm backset - 7mm backset

1-sash square tilt before turn (TBT)
centre handle pos. (variable)
surface TS
backset 15 mm
hinge side Face-fix
alternative hinge and backset options

Click-on coupling to speed up fabrication
As part of the same product family as the TITAN axxent 24+ concealed solution, the AF Face Fix variant is also suitable for PVCu, aluminium, timber-aluminium and timber profile systems. The TITAN range is renowned for being flexible to suit most manufacturing processes while providing the standard reliable functionality required from a tilt and turn system.

Assembly is quick and easy due to the innovative click-on coupling feature, requiring only one screw per coupling point. Optimised screw guide claws, precision coupling teeth and joint chamfers mean that connecting components is secure and straightforward. A high degree of pre-assembly also helps to speed up fabrication time.

Technical Information:

Espagnolette backset: 7 or 15mm

Hinge options: 12/20/13 - 12/18/9 - 12/20/9

Faceplate width: 16mm eurogroove for PVCu or aluminium
24mm rebate width for timber or timber-aluminium
Sash rebate width: 230-1650mm
Sash rebate height: 260-3000mm
Max sash weight: 130/150k

When ordering this Full Kit, please supply us with the overall Width and Height of the SASH size (the opening part of the window - please add this information to the 'Comments Box' at Checkout.

PLEASE NOTE: Individual parts of this Siegenia TITAN AF Face Fixed Tilt & Turn Gearing (Full Kit) can also be purchased.

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