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Adaptable Retrofit Multi Point Lock (MPL)

Adaptable Retrofit Multi Point Lock (MPL)

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  • AC ARMPL 1709
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This Adaptable Retrofit Multi Point Lock (MPL) 3 point locking system has been designed to retrofit the largest range of Multipoint locks on the market. Designed to suit UPVC, wood, or composite door profiles.

  • 16mm and 20mm faceplate
  • Distance from spindle to top hook max 847mm - min 347mm
  • Distance from spindle to bottom hook max 877mm - min 377mm
  • Easy to fit
  • Non Handed
  • Reversible Latch
  • Supplied in 3 interchangeable parts with serrated teeth
  • Extensions can be cut to size
All in one Repair Kit utilises the 30mm or 35mm faceplate on the 25mm to make 28mm.

Technical Specifications:
  • Backset: 25mm, 28mm, 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 45mm, or 55mm
  • Centres: 92mm
  • Spindle: Either solid or split for night-latch application
  • Faceplate: 16mm or 20mm

Please select which option your require from the drop-down menu above.
Option 1All-in-One Repair Kit
25 (28), 30, 35mm16mmLift Lever
Option 2Adaptable MPL Hook & Roller25mm16mmLift Lever
Option 3Adaptable MPL Hook & Roller
28mm16mmLift Lever
Option 4Adaptable MPL Hook & Roller
30mm16mmLift Lever
Option 5Adaptable MPL Hook & Roller
35mm16mmLift lever or split spindle
Option 6Adaptable MPL Hook & Roller
40mm16mmLift Lever
Option 7Adaptable MPL Hook & Roller
45mm16mmLift lever or split spindle
Option 8MPL Roller & Mushroom
25mm16mmLift Lever
Option 9MPL Roller & Mushroom
28mm16mmLift Lever
Option 10MPL Roller & Mushroom
35mm16mmLift lever or split spindle
Option 11Timber Full MPL 2 Hook
45mm20mmLift lever or split spindle
Option 12Timber Full MPL 2 Hook
55mm20mmLift Lever

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