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Sweet LOCK LOCK Security Door Handle 92pz

Sweet LOCK LOCK Security Door Handle 92pz

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  • SW LLSH 1709
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Sweet LOCK LOCK Security Door Handle 92pz

Now with the Sold Secure standard. Standard only with Lock Lock. Have a look for yourself ....

LOCK LOCK Security Door Handle 92p

Curve appeal.
Edgeless, long-lasting beauty as standard.

211mm between screws

Security. Made sweet.

Multitude of security benefits that the Lock Lock provides.

Curved design
Can’t be grabbed and snapped off with mole grips
Spindle block
Stops the spindle from turning even if the lock has been successfully attacked
Patented spindle knuckle
Stops the spindle being pushed through the door
Spindle Grub screws
Stops the spindle being pulled out
Reinforced body
To withstand the most severe of forced attacks
Encased cylinder
Helps resist the most common method of attack
210% stronger.Sweet.
Lock Lock is fixed with 12.9 grade, high strength steel alloy M6 bolts.

*The unique switch mechanism makes the Lock Lock cylinder free option perfect for doors where you never use the key from outside. Please enquire at sales@dgpruk.com



Why shouldn’t extreme personal protection look stunning? With Sweet’s unique ‘edgeless’ design, it always does. Whether your home is contemporary or traditional, country-style or urban cool, Sweet stays effortlessly cool.

The ever lasting Sweet

Sweet carries multiple coatings of copper and nickel, ensuring it always looks great, even after being hammered with salt water for over 8000 hours. That’s an incredible 30x more time than required for the flagship EN 1906:2012 corrosion standard.


A 10 year promise straight from us to you

We guarantee that your door furniture will still be working and looking sweet for a decade.

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