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U-CHANNEL Glazing Gasket (24mm)

U-CHANNEL Glazing Gasket (24mm)

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U-CHANNEL Glazing Gasket (24mm)

This gasket is wrapped around the double glazed unit before it is installed into the frame, or vice versa.

  • Black
  • Dynamic and static applications
  • Trade standard materials conforming to BS7412
  • High deflection recovery
  • Co-extrusion options
  • No migration
  • Superior ageing properties
  • Unaffected by most aqueous oils and oil based fluids
  • Resistant to abrasion and flex fatigue
  • Ozone resistant
  • UV stable
Price is per Metre: (Please Note: 'Qty' equals per metre, for example: Qty 1 = 1 metre, Qty 2 = 2 metres, Qty 3 = 3 metres, and so on... Supplied as a continuous roll.)

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