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Thor 710 Hammer 32mm

Thor 710 Hammer 32mm

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Thor 710 hammers with a 32mm chrome plated zinc head with two screw-in nylon faces which are designed to be replaced when worn.

Fitted as standard with screw in white nylon faces.
Faces are designed to wear and to be replaced by hand.
All faces are one piece moulded.
No metal pegs or inserts to damage the workpiece when worn.
Serrations in the metal head prevent faces coming loose during use.
Faces have a shoulder for extra strength and to prevent fracture from misdirected blows.
Rubber faces also available

Available in 3 sizes:

25mm (708)(wooden handle) 260g
32mm (710)(rubber grip handle) 420g
38mm (712)(rubber grip handle) 625g

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