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Door Handle Springs

Door Handle Springs

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An ideal replacement spring mechanism for those door handles that sag or fail to return to their resting position.

This door handle spring cassette locates inside the shallow cavity of the door handle backplate and the spindle fits through its centre.

To install, simply take the handle off the door and locate the door handle spring cassette in line with the lever spindle. The size of the door handle spring cassette is 22mm x 62mm x 5mm thickness. Ensure these sizes can be located inside the backplate. The door spring cassette is symmetrical so can be fitted either way around and provides a spring tension to an upwards and downwards motion of the handle.

  • Supplied as a pair for both sides of the door
  • Slim thickness of 5mm
  • Spring loaded for sagging and non-returning handles
  • Suits an 8mm drive spindle
These door handle springs can be trimmed down to a smaller size.

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