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Si Siegenia/Aubi FS-Portal 'D' Door Handle

Si Siegenia/Aubi FS-Portal 'D' Door Handle

  • Aubi
  • SSA FSP DH 1709
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The Si Siegenia/Aubi FS-Portal 'D' Door Handle has been designed to make it easier to manoeuvre outward opening folding sliding doors. It provides a slimline, unobtrusive addition to the door, fitting neatly around the internal FS Portal hinge, sitting flush against the door when it is closed and providing leverage and grip when required to manoeuvre it.

This new handle is incredibly discreet, but provides grip exactly where it’s needed so that folding sliding doors are easy to open and close regardless of their size.

Available colour/finish:
  • White
  • Brown
  • Silver
Supplied with an extra long hinge pin for simple fitting and removal.

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