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Window Doctor Repair Kit

Window Doctor Repair Kit

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The Window Doctor Repair Kit offers a quick and effective repair on mahogany, rosewood, golden oak, Irish oak and standard white effect uPVC.

This mini repair kit includes:
  • 6 x 4cm hard wax fillers
  • Battery powered melter tool (batteries included)
  • Special fillers applicator
  • Sanding and polishing cloth
  • Easy instruction manual
The hard wax fillers have a formulated resin to have a high melting point of 95 degrees centigrade and a 10 second cool down period, once cooled the wax will go back to its hard structure and will provide a very durable fix to window frame profiles with a deep scratch. (please note: The standard white hard wax filler is Eurocell).

To melt the wax, a battery powered melter tool (batteries included) is included in the kit. The relatively new design has made melting and applying the wax a lot easier and safer. In the kit there is also a special fillers applicator which is designed to remove surplus hard wax with special grooves located on the plastic body. A sanding and polishing cloth is included to give it a professional look. An easy instruction manual is included in the kit also.

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