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3D Flag Door Hinge

3D Flag Door Hinge

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  • 3D FLAG HINGE 1709
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Attractive 3D Flag door hinge

  • 3 way adjustment combining product excellence with ease of fabrication
  • Non handed - will fit left or right handed doors.
  • Hinge to suit rebate heights 12-16mm+ (19mm ET with packers)
  • Variants to suit sculptured/chamfered profiles (SET) and profiles with a 22mm frame to sash height (HET)
  • Simple allen key adjustment enables door movement to be compensated for without the need of an installation engineer

Available in White, Black, Brown, Caramel, Champagne Gold, Chrome, and Flint

See additional images for dimensions

Assessment Data:-

  • Performance: Endurance tested to 100,000 operations, Load tested to 100kg on 3 hinges
  • Corrosion resistance: All finishes meet the requirements of BS EN 1670 - grade 5 (500 hrs Salt Spray)

Material Specifications:-

  • Hinge leaf, Carriage plate and Body: Zinc Alloy BS1004A
  • Top/Bottom Bush: Nylon 6
  • Pins: Stainless Steel
  • Powder Coating: White, Black, Brown, and Caramel, 60 microns minimum coating thickness
  • PVD/Chrome Coating: Champagne Gold, Chrome, and Flint, multiple layer plating process

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