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Fearless Door Hinge Protector

Fearless Door Hinge Protector

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In terms of hardware, door hinges are often seen as a weak point for anyone trying to gain unauthorised access to a property. The hingeside has often been the area of a door subjected to attack, involving a burglar attempting to gain entry by jemmying the door sash and hinges.

The Fearless Hinge Bolt is a high security device which protects against this type of attack and is suitable for most major uPVC door systems.

The product comprises 2 parts:

  1. The sash part is a 35mm long yellow passivated zinc bolt which slots neatly into the Eurogroove and is secured by six screw fixings.
  2. The bolt penetrates the frame part and thus protects against forced entry by preventing jemmying of the door sash and hinges.

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