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Ideal uPVC Door Flag Hinge

Ideal uPVC Door Flag Hinge

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The Ideal uPVC Flag Hinge, for residential and French doors, features three dimensional adjustment - vertical, lateral, and fine tuning for compression. Adjustment with a 5mm Allen key can be carried out without removing the door leaf from the frame. Strength is assured with a steel hinge pin.

Tested to exceed the requirements of PAS 023, the Ideal Flag Hinge has successfully completed 100,000 cycles under load - twice the 50,000 cycles requirement - and exceeds the 96 hours salt spray test requirements - plated finishes 240 hours, powder coated finishes 480 hours.

  • The hinge itself features 4 over-rebate bushes to fit over-rebate heights 14 - 24mm.
  • Bushes are marked 14-20mm, 15-19mm,16-18mm, and 17mm.
  • The addition of a specially designed packer will increase the heights by a further 4mm to suit a range of profile systems.
  • Unlike other hinges the Ideal Flag Hinge utilises only one frame packer, with ‘friction fit’ for ease of fabrication, to alter over-rebate heights.
  • A captive sash retaining screw allows easy fitting of the sash lid.
  • Positive location of the top cover cap and height adjustment packer further speeds fabrication.
  • The 'lift-on, lift-off' design of the Ideal Flag Hinge enables it to be quickly and easily installed on-site by one person.
Available in various colours and finishes: white, brown, light oak, polished chrome, smokey chrome, satin chrome, and polished gold.

The Ideal Flag Hinge - an Ideal hinge solution for every residential and French door

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