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SI Siegenia Tilt and Slide Slider Glider Blocks (PSK) (pair)

SI Siegenia Tilt and Slide Slider Glider Blocks (PSK) (pair)

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SI Siegenia Tilt and Slide Slider Glider Blocks (PSK) (pair)

This SI Siegenia SI Glider Slider part is used on SI Siegenia (PSK) tilt and slide patio doors. These are located on the top rail and are one of the most common parts to fail.

Sold as a pair.

***Product references (PSK, PSK-Z, and HSK)***

It has been brought to our attention by Siegenia that this part of their patio door top stay arms may be defective. The defect notification can be found on the EU Consumer Affairs Site and on the Consumer Focus Labs site.

The defective parts in question are the sliders located in the top track guide rail. The defective sliders were produced and supplied by Siegenia between 1994 and 1997. Even if the sliders have worked satisfactorily until now, there is a risk that they could break and the sashes could fall out of their frames causing damage to people and or property.

If you think you have one of these tilt and slide patio doors, Siegenia have a website you can go to and click the begin identification link to be led through a series of questions which will enable you to identify if your tilt and slide patio door is at risk. This information can also be obtained by calling us on 01292 280111, or email us at sales@dgpruk.com. Click here to print out or download the identification instructions.

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